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Apple Hiring Manager with crypto-currency experience

For the launch of new alternative payment programs

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On Tuesday, Job advertising was issued by Apple Inc. “Business Development Manager – alternative payments.” “The WPC team is seeking an experienced Business Development Manager to oversee Alternative Payment Partnerships, according to the job advert. In worldwide payment alternatives and new solutions, we search for a proven specialist.” It has further details:

“This will ensure that business development is stopped, including screening partners, trade agreements negotiation, and concluding and new program launches.”

The candidate should have “+5 years of experience in or with alternative payment providers such as digital wallets, BNPL, fast payments, cryptocurrencies, etc.” These are the main requirements.

In addition, the candidate should have a ‘deep awareness of the alternative payments ecosystem, the complexity of the flow of money, settlement duties and duties, the necessary rules and industry standards as well as a broad range of Fintech products.’ The notification specifies this position as soon as the firm returns to an office-wide work structure after Covid’s reinstatement at its Headquarters in Cupertino, California, in full time.

In addition to providing “industry insights and market opportunities to cross-functional teams such as Apple Alliance, Products, Engineering and Marketing to influence the business strategy and product roadmaps for Apple’s pay and wallet service growth, the successful candidate will continue “Managing the partnership program with key players in the alternative payment ecosystem”

For some years, Apple has kept an eye on cryptocurrencies. In 2019, Vice President Bailey told Apple “to look at the cryptocurrency.” Apple’s pay for Apple. In 2019. She added at the time: “We believe that it has fascinating long-term potential, but we focus largely on what people use now. Most people’s debit cards are quite glad to be an example. And that’s what we work on to let folks accomplish things in a safer way on our platform and in real-time.”


Apple is soon going to launch a crypto service, do you believe? In the comment section, please let us know.



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