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You are here because you are tired of optimizing your images manually. You do not like to put images alt text manually for image SEO. And you cannot ignore the importance of optimizing images for SEO.

In this article, you will find a solution to your problem. In this article, I am going to review one of the best plugins for optimizing images automatically by using artificial intelligence.

This plugin will help you optimizing bulk images at a time.  The name of this plugin is “imageseo”.
Start optimizing your image alt texts and names and grow your traffic with the help of imageseo plugin!


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What Is Image SEO?

Image SEO impacts the way your images are ranked in Google images but not only. It also affects your organic research potential as a whole: optimizing your images for Search engines will positively impact your page’s ranking too.

If you don’t like to do image optimization manually then this plugin will help you a lot. As this plugin uses artificial intelligence, so you can get the best results.

Importance of Optimizing Images:

More than 20% of Google Organic Traffic comes from image searches.

Image SEO optimization should be included in every good SEO strategy! Avoiding keyword stuffing and optimizing your images for SEO can literally skyrocket your organic traffic. Writing optimized alternative texts and image names is a time-consuming science: leave it to imageseo plugin!

Installing imageseo plugin guide:

Here is a guide that will allow you to install image SEO plugin on your WordPress site to optimize your image alternative texts and names.

Follow the steps but feel free to contact them at if you experience any issues.

Note: Their plugin is compatible with all the major themes, plugins, and hosting service providers.

Step 1: Go to your admin dashboard and click on “Plugins,” then “Add new”

Enter “imageseo” in the plugin search.

Image SEO

On this page, you just have to click on “Install now”. Once installed, you will be asked to activate the plugin. Click on activate and go to the next step.

Step 2: Get your API key

Once activated, their plugin needs an API key to work. To get and activate this key, you need to go to the “Settings” page of the plugin.

Image SEO
To obtain your API key you have to be registered. You can register directly within the plugin or use the registration form available on their website. It’s totally free and they don’t send spam to their users.


Image SEO

The plugin is now connected and ready to optimize your file names and alternative texts! The plugin can optimize your images on upload or bulk your entire Library.

Free Trial:

The plus point of this plugin is that this plugin provides you a free trial. But in the free trial, you can use only 10 credits.

If you want to use it more, then you should get their subscription. You can check their subscription plans.


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Reviews about this plugin:

1- “This tool saves you a ton of time by automating the process. “

2- “Great customer service and fast response. The team responded fast to our request and resolved satisfactorily.”

3- “It takes hours to rename file names and add alt tags manually. ‘Image SEO’ does that in minutes. Definitely recommend.”

4- “This plugin is amazing, it saves a lot of time by optimizing image names and alt with precision.”

5- “Adding alt tags and renaming images is always a pain and I often forget to do it. Highly recommended.”

6- “Save a lot of time and easy improve my SEO. I’m really happy to discover this plugin. I recommend!”

Image SEO


If you are looking for that kind of plugin then you can check out this plugin. You can also get direct support from their support team. So, don’t worry, first satisfy yourself and then take action. I hope you will like this article.


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