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Blogging meaning and how to make money

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If you can learn how to make a living on the internet, blogging is one good way of getting started. If you are a beginner, you can also create a blog and it is very easy to understand like freelancing. I am going to tell you blogging meaning.

The process is simple like freelancing definition and I will try to explain it in 7 steps.

1-Identify your blogging niche.
2-Start writing content.
3-Make sure it is original and not plagiarized.
4-Put an eye catchy picture on your blog.
5-Support your blog with a video. Video tends to engage readers higher.
6-Make sure your content has SEO friendly keywords.
7-WordPress is by far the best medium for creating your blog.
8-Publish your blog, share it on different social media accounts.

As discussed above, if you want to do blogging, you need to create a website. WordPress is one of the best ways of creating a blogging website that could help you make money.

A good blog engages the audience and attracts them. If you want to make your blog profitable and have more viewership in 2020, you have to ensure good content and choosing a topic that is in demand and liked by the viewer.

Blogging meaning

How to make money blogging?

There are many programs that are willing to pay you for good views on your blog article. The best is Google Adsense. You can make it from your blog by integrating Google Adsense. When people come to your blog, they see different ads. The blogger makes money when the reader clicks on the ad.

I must say about the importance of having a payment partner program to monetize your blog. It gives you a lot of motivation to continue writing amazing content for your viewers. More viewership and engagement of your blog content results in more money. Simple, isn’t t it? Now, you know about blogging meaning and how to make money?

How to make blogging profitable?

You can only make good money from blogging if there is a good number of audience viewing, sharing your content. Also, if the blog content gets ranked the first page on major search engines, organic traffic begins to read your article, resulting in more engagement. Remember, the higher the viewership, the more money you are going to make.

One way of increasing your blog readership is, sharing the content on different social media platforms. If you observe, you will see, I have embedded social media sharing icons on my blog so readers can easily share the content to different social media platforms.

As a blogger, you can choose many niches for your blog for making good money. You can write about health, politics, science, etc. You should choose a niche of your interest and have authority, command over that subject.

Remember, If you give wrong information to your audience, you can be fined for wrong information as this Australian blogger found out 2 years back. The traffic on the blog primarily comes from the search engines only if proper keywords in the post are used and you should rank for that particular keyword.

When you write a lot on your blog about a particular subject, search engines, Google, in particular, begins to take you as an authority for that subject and begins to rank you for your business-related keywords. Without traffic, the blog has no value because the content on a blog is only meaningful if people are reading it.

Blogging meaning

Importance of social media in blogging:

In this post, I am going to cover every little detail you ever needed to know to set up your blog and start monetizing it.

If you understand blogging meaning then you should understand the importance of social media. Through social media, people begin to resonate a value with your blog and eventually build brand loyalty with your blog. On social media, if you are able to provide value and engage your audience, they begin to visit your blog daily and eagerly wait for new articles on the site.

That engagement once materialized, helps you make money from your blog. The essence is to provide good content by writing good and money will begin to follow automatically. I have learned that pictures and video posts related to your blog niche followed by a post link attract more attention from your audience and then they engage with the content.

Be skilled in your Marketing:

Quality of content: For running a journal business, content quality is the foremost factor to focus on and this is a very important point in blogging definition. Great quality content is the rationale for driving a great amount of traffic. Be creative, dynamic, and versatile concerning the sort of content you offer to your audience.

Page optimization: For developing the market competition, you wish to confirm your blog is optimized. smart quality content includes rich, relevant, and informative work for digital users.

Target audience: Billions of individuals on the web don’t care about you or your blog; it’s your business and your responsibility to persuade them for reading your blog. Your job is to possess an entire accuracy concerning the requirements and tastes of your audience in order that you’ll offer them higher solutions. Think big, assume totally different and think out of the box to have to interact with the audience to your blog.

Blogging meaning

Final results:

After knowing blogging meaning and managing your blog in an applicable manner, able to gain the subsequent results.

1-Working with passion will provide you with self-satisfaction.
2-You will have nice rewards within the sort of sensible revenues.
3-A strong promoting platform that larger brands will wait to get associated with.
4-Corporate relevance, you’ll not be neglected in the industry.
5-You are going to be able to succeed in the goals that you’re blogging.
6-Products and services are often simply created around your blog.
7-You will earn a reputation, exposure, and can have great traffic.



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