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Complete guide about freelancing for beginners 2021

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In today’s world, when it comes to online earning methods, the idea of freelancing comes to everyone’s mind. If you are a person who does not know about freelancing yet, then in today’s post, I am going to tell you the full details. So, I recommend you to read this post carefully. After reading this post, you will be able to explain to others that what freelancing is.


Definition of freelancing:

Firstly, I am going to tell you about the definition of freelancing. Freelancing means to sell your services online on different freelancing platforms. And the person who does freelancing called a freelancer.

freelancing for beginners 2021

Who can be a freelancer:

Anyone who has online skills can do freelancing. Yes, you can also do freelancing, but firstly, you should learn an online skill. Always choose that skill in which you find the interest, and you think that you can offer this service on different freelancing platforms for the long term.

Services offered by a freelancer:

Now, the question arises that what type of services, freelancers offer on different freelancing platforms. Services like graphic designing, web development, content writing, data entry, social media management, and many more could be offered on various freelancing platforms.

How can you choose your skill:

Many people ask this question when they enter an online field. Many people leave this field because they do not find a skill that is related to their passion. As far as I know, I am telling you. So, firstly, you have to do is finding a list of many skills. Now, explore every skill which is mentioned in your list.

If you look that there is a skill in the list in which you are showing more interest, and you are doing more research about that skill, then you find a skill that is related to your passion.

If you do not find any skill related to your passion, then explore more skills because there are many skills that you can offer on different freelancing platforms. My recommendation is that you should have basic knowledge of all skills and you should be master in more than two skills. Trust me; This will help you in the future.

freelancing for beginners 2021

Explore freelancing platforms:

Now, after knowing all the terms which are mentioned above, you are going to explore freelancing platforms. Famous freelancing platforms are Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer, etc. You should work on two to three freelancing platforms at a time.

Never try to start with only one freelancing platforms. Always remember that you don’t need to earn all the time from one freelancing platforms. If you want to earn continuously, then you should have a presence on different freelancing platforms.

Confusion about payment for every beginner:

Now, I think that you have a better knowledge of freelancing. I think after reading all the above topics, you also want to become a freelancer. But every beginner freelancer does not start his freelancing career after learning a skill because he thinks that he does not have any method of receiving payment from freelancing platforms.

My recommendation is that you should start selling your services online even if you do not have any payment method. When you start earning, then it is easier for you to get a payment method. Now, you probably think that when you sell our services without any payment method, then how will you get your payment from the client.

Do not worry about this because every freelancing platform offers a service with that you can save your payment in your freelancing account on that particular freelancing platform. You can withdraw your payment anytime.

freelancing for beginners 2021

How can you trust your client:

Here, the question arises about the trust of the client. You might be thinking that when you complete an order for your client, then what is the guarantee that your client will pay after the completion of the order. So, do not worry about this because when a client gives you an order, then he first pays for it and the money will go to escrow.

When you complete your order, then that money transfers to your account. Now, I try to tell you about escrow in simple words. When a client gives you an order, he put his payment in escrow. You could say that escrow is a security chamber where your payment is safe, and you will get your payment after completing the order.

Maybe every freelancing platform has its method, but I am trying to tell you that you can trust your client. There are some chances that some people will try to fraud with you. Be aware of them.

Short tip to become a successful freelancer:

If you want to become a successful freelancer, then you should have a lot of patience, and you should work consistently. You should remain online to grab your first order. Continuously bidding on projects. Make your portfolio attractive. Always try to provide quality work.

Think about customer satisfaction. Always try to fluctuate your prizes according to the client’s budget. Do not depend on only one platform. If you are struggling, then one day you will get success. Keep going on and be positive.

freelancing for beginners 2021

Types of freelancing platforms:

There are two types of freelancing platforms.
1- Traditional freelancing platforms
2- Non-traditional freelancing platforms

Traditional freelancing platforms:

In this type of platform, the client comes and places his requirements as a project. Then freelancers send their proposals to that specific project. This process is also called bidding. After that client selects one freelancer from those people who send proposals to the client’s project. So, it is essential that you should send a good proposal If you are working on traditional freelancing platforms.

Non-traditional freelancing platforms:

In this type of platform, freelancers offer their services by showing their expertise. The client comes and selects a freelancer according to his need. Freelancers offer services by creating a gig. So, the gig should be good and attractive.

freelancing for beginners 2021


Now, I think that you have a fair bit of knowledge of freelancing. Freelancing is a very vast term. It is not possible to give complete information about freelancing in this one short article. But I have told you so much about freelancing. If you have a passion to earn online then I tell you that freelancing will help you a lot to achieve your goal. My best wishes are with you who is reading this article. Go and start your journey.

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