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Daraz Works towards Safer Online Deliveries Leveraging TPL Trakker’s Infrastructure

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TPL Trakker – Pakistan’s leading IoT Company providing Tracking, Telematics, Mapping, and Location-Based Services – has partnered with Daraz, Pakistan’s leading e-commerce platform. Following the partnership, TPL Trakker will provide Daraz with completely customized Fleet Management Services (FMS) to help enhance their delivery services across Pakistan, resulting in quick and efficient deliveries to customers.

To initiate the partnership, a digital signing ceremony was held at TPL Trakker and Daraz’s respective Head Offices. TPL Trakker is part of TPL Corp. which is led by Mr. Ali Jameel. Present at the occasion from TPL Trakker were, Sarwar Ali Khan – CEO, Talha Dawood – Head of Asset Tracking, and Ubaidulla Afaq – Regional Sales Head, South, while Ahmed Tanveer – Chief Operating Officer represented Daraz.

Tanveer said, “One of the top challenges in the growth of e-commerce is the logistics infrastructure. Our continuous goal is to improve the situation, recently we have partnered with TPL Trakker which will help us and all our partners to 100% digitize the tracking of line haul movements. This will give us the right data and new insights through which we can further optimize our delivery lead times.”

Sarwar Ali Khan, CEO TPL Trakker, said, “It’s a new milestone for Trakker in being chosen as the sole FMS Provider by Pakistan’s biggest e-commerce platform who have placed their trust in our services to streamline their deliveries. The move is in line with our mission at TPL Trakker, to deliver telematics to connect mobile assets, people, and businesses and help businesses make faster and smarter decisions with real-time insights.”

E-commerce in Pakistan has become a pervasive tool for the growing economic sector of the country. At the heart of business systems lies the online marketplaces whose outage has been significantly impacted because of the pandemic. Moving towards the new normal with people getting accustomed to the new ways of doing business, the need to improve the infrastructure is essential for a better customer experience.

Other mature industries have developed practices to cultivate and disseminate best practices to analyze the ecosystem and take measures to close the gap. Being the industry leaders in their own respective fields, TPL Trakker and Daraz using the latest technology, aim to improve the infrastructure of the country and help boost the e-commerce and service industry.

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