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Fiverr freelance work | how to create a gig and getting orders

Freelance industry is growing

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Freelancing is going high day by day and many new freelancers, especially from Pakistan,
prefer to start work as a freelancer from Fiverr. Fiverr freelance is also growing. Why do people prefer Fiverr to start their work as a freelancer? How to create a gig on Fiverr? What are the Fiverr criteria to get orders? How to send a proposal?

All these questions will be discussed in this article. I will try to give complete information regarding Fiverr. I will also tell you the method of bidding. So let’s start.

1- Why people prefer Fiverr:

Mostly new freelancers especially from Pakistan prefer Fiverr as a beginner because on Fiverr there is no need for approval. Anyone can make an account on Fiverr. Also, there is no system of buying bids for sending a proposal to clients like Upwork or Guru.

So, you all have to do is creating a Fiverr account and then creating gigs related to your skillset. You can also send proposals to buyer requests after making gigs. But remember that you can only send 10 buyer requests per day.

The most exciting thing is that there is no need for bids for sending proposals. You should send ten buyer requests per day. Sometimes, you will get orders after sending two or three buyer requests, and sometimes, you will not get orders after sending a hundred or more buyer requests.

So, you should have the patience to work hard continuously. Never give up and always try to do your best.

Fiverr freelance work
2- How to make a gig:

After making your account on Fiverr, the next step is to make a gig. I am going to teach you to step by step the process of making a gig.
After clicking on “create a gig” on your Fiverr account, the first step is to add your title of the gig. The title should have to contain your main keyword in order to rank your gig. The title should be unique and accurate. Don’t use lengthy titles.


After making the title of your gig, select the category of your gig according to your skillset. You should check your competitor’s gig to get ideas. Then the important part is the tag section. You should do research in order to get good keywords. You should get the ideas of tags from your competitors and you can use those tags as well.

You can give five tags to your gig. So, use this section carefully.

Fiverr freelance work


Now, Click the save button and move to the 2nd section.The 2nd section is about pricing. I recommend you to enable three packages (basic, standard, and premium) for your gig pricing. You can enable this button on the same page.


You have to write a short description of your gig in your three packages. Select the price and features in your packages according to your skillset.

Fiverr freelance work
After selecting the price according to your skill, click the save button, and move to the 3rd section.The 3rd section is about the description of your gig. You should write to the point and accurate description for your gig. I recommend using your main keyword in your gig description for ranking purposes. Talk about the client’s problem in your description and try to tell that you can solve the client’s problem. Try to explain your skill and services in your gig.


You can also check the FAQs (Frequently asked questions) feature to tell the answers to the client’s questions that you think, the client will ask these questions during the conversation between you and the client. It will help you to get your first order fast and clients also like this feature.

Fiverr freelance work


Now, Click the save button and move to the 4th section which is about requirements. You can tell your requirements in this section.Now, move to the 5th section. In this section, you will provide the images of your gig. You can also choose a video for your gig. Always try to upload optimized images or videos for your gig which will help you in ranking.


Fiverr freelance work
Now, Click on the publish button and share your gig on your social media platforms. Fiverr gives you the option to copy the link to your gig and share it. 

Note: I have taught you the overview of creating a gig. You should do research before creating a gig if you want to rank your gig. You should see your competitors and should do keyword research.

3- Ways of getting orders on Fiverr:

You can get orders in two ways. The first is ranking your gig and the second is sending a buyer request. If you are a beginner and new to this field, I will recommend you to select low competitive keywords. Never try to rank on high competitive keywords because you will not rank your gig on those keywords as a beginner freelancer.

You should learn keyword research for Fiverr. You can also get orders by sending a buyer request or a proposal. Try to send ten buyer requests or proposals daily. These two ways will help you to get your first order. Keep in my mind one thing, you should have patience in this field.

4- Sending a buyer request/proposal:

You should write a unique and to the point proposal. You should follow some tips while writing a buyer request or proposal. 

Start with greetings (For example; Hello “client name”) and then restarting the client project title or description in short words. Introduce yourself and tell the client what you can do for him and how you can solve the client’s problem. Show him your portfolio as proof of your skill and tell him about free mockups if you want to show him our work. After that, you should move to bid closing (For example: Regards “your name”).

Fiverr freelance work

Final Words:

In this article, I try my best to teach you the proper details of Fiverr. I have covered all the topics regarding Fiverr for beginners. But I didn’t tell about keyword research and competitive analysis in detail. I will write articles about this topic in the future.

I hope, you will like this article. As you know sharing is caring, so share this article with others. Thanks for reading.



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