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Freelancing tips for beginners | do’s and don’ts

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I’ve tried to stay these freelancing tips for beginners fairly general. They ought to therefore apply to most of the people – no matter your line of labor.


·      ·   Identify your core offering. you’ll keep it fairly broad to start with, then narrow it down once you’ve got a far better knowledge of a specific marketplace. (For example: If you are a graphic designer then you should offer all the services related to graphic designing in the beginning. Then after some time, if you think that you are good at logo designing and you have a lot of knowledge about this service then go with this service.)

·   Tell about your services to everyone you recognize, both on a business and private level.

·   Make full use of LinkedIn and other social media platforms to boost your profile and promote your services.

·  Build up an area network of industry suppliers, other freelancers, and even competitors. This is often used both for moral support and for passing leads or workaround.

·  Create a responsive, i.e. mobile-friendly, website and include SEO basics for your portfolio. You can also use other platforms for showing your portfolio.

·  Always hear your gut instinct, as it’s rarely wrong.

·  Be cautious about doing any work for free of charge to demonstrate your ability. Some people/companies are unscrupulous and can crowdsource many free ‘samples’ to urge the entire job done. If you’ve got relevant experience and/or an honest reputation, that ought to represent itself.

·  Set a minimum charge for little jobs.

·  Check out The Freelance Lifestyle, which offers great resources, tones of freelancing tips, an informative blog, and a lively online community.

·  Last, but by no means least, enjoy the liberty and adaptability that freelancing provides!


·       ·   Don’t be afraid to mention No if you’re too busy, if the project isn’t within your temperature or if you don’t get the proper vibes about the person/company.

·  Don’t drop your rates due to promises of “lots more work to come”.

·  Don’t be too trusting. Unless a prospective client involves you via word of mouth from someone you trust, check them bent confirm they’re legit and thus likely to truly pay you.

·  Don’t panic within the lean periods, because work will soon are available then you’ll be really busy.

·  Don’t feel guilty if you’re taking a while out during the working day to travel to the gym or meet a friend for coffee/lunch. Freelancers often work unsociable hours within the evenings or weekends to satisfy tight deadlines, so it all balances call at the top.

This list of freelancing tips for beginners (do’s and don’ts) is by no means exhaustive. Have you ever the other freelancing tips which may be useful for beginners? Please do share them within the comments.




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