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Mangools review | best premium SEO tools website

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Mangools Review

Let me guess, you are looking for the best SEO tools, or maybe you want to buy premium SEO tools but you want the best and trusted tools at an affordable price. In this article, I am going to tell you about the best premium SEO tools website ( Mangools review).

I have also used this website personally for SEO purpose and now I am going to guide you for what reasons you should buy these tools for SEO.

Website name:

The website name is Mangools and this article is about Mangools review. First of all, let me explain to you;

what you can do with Mangools:

Mangools provides you five high-level SEO tools.

1-You can find keywords with accurate SEO difficulty and search volume.
2-You can check SERP for your desired location.
3-You can track your ranking.
4-You can do powerful backlinks analysis.
5-You can check your competitor’s website or any website authority.

I will tell you the benefits of these tools in detail in the later section of this article. Now, I am going to tell you;why people love Mangools:


Easy of use:

There is no need to become an expert for using their SEO tools. You will understand all the data provided by these tools instantly.

Provide you SEO skills:

The plus point of this website is that it provides you short courses to understand SEO. This is one of the reasons people love Mangools.

Mangools is not just a software, you will also get the support of SEO experts

Best value for money:

This website gives you the best tools at an affordable price. Although this website is not much famous it provides you all the data at the affordable price you need.

Mangools review
Pricing:This website provides you premium tools at affordable prices. It provides you three packages according to you. The excitement is that it provides you 10 days free trial without a payment method. I think this is the best part of Mangools review.


At $29/month will not regret with a Mangools subscription. Great value!

It has a powerful features and mind-blowing design, which makes it a great choice especially for beginner bloggers.Benefits of tools:


Now, I am going to tell you the benefits and features of five SEO tools by Mangools.


Keyword research is no rocket science. This tool will provide you long tails keyword with less difficulty.

KWFinder has similar features to other tools. But unlike most other tools, it’s VERY intuitive.

Timing is the key! You should do create posts on low difficulty keywords. Identify the best keywords with the provided data.

After buying this tool you will really enjoy doing keyword research. The keyword research tool for this website is very advance. It provides you a lot of data which will help you a lot in SEO. You will get your desired results in just one click.

You will get the accurate volume and exact SEO difficulty by using this tool. You can also learn how to find low competitive keywords with the help of “SEO short courses” provided by this website. This is the best tool for your keyword research.

You can check this tool by the given link.

2-SERP analysis:Mangools features a good mixture of simple and advanced data for both newbies and experienced users to figure with. Mangools is simple to use. The SERP analysis tool is very advance and you will get your competitors ranking data in just one click.


You can also get ranking data from your desired country. If you want to easily analyze SERPs for your desired country or city: Check out Mangools’ SERPChecker.

Go and check this tool by yourself.

3-Check your ranking:See the performance of your website with the help of this tool. The goal of rank tracking is to know the organic traffic potential of your website. That’s why we’ve developed the Performance Index based on the current keyword positions and their search volumes.


See the rankings of your website day-by-day and check them in the SERP previews. Besides that, Mangools will give you updates about all the important rank changes via email alerts.

You need an affordable solution that’s going to provide data in an understandable form. That’s where Mangools excels.

If your website is new maybe it doesn’t work. For checking your rank, your website should be index in google or your website should be old enough for showing data in this tool. You can rank your website by choosing the right keyword with the help of the keyword research tool of this website.

Take a look at this tool.

4-Backlinks analysis:

Evaluate the SEO power of backlinks. Just enter your competitor’s domain and let the magic happen. Don’t be confused with tens of browser tabs. Preview the referring website directly in the tool and find the anchor placement with one click. Mangools will make sure to highlight it for you.
Mark the URLs that you would love to be linked from and get back to them whenever you need them. They will be automatically saved into relevant lists. Handy when doing link prospect research. As you know backlinks are very crucial in SEO purpose. So, this tool will really help you a lot.


You need an affordable solution that’s going to provide data in an understandable form. That’s where Mangools excels.

Go and check this amazing tool.

5-Site Profiler:Check the authority and trustworthiness of any website with well-known SEO metrics. Mangools have included Alexa Rank and Facebook shares so you can see the website’s popularity.


Bad referring domains can be dangerous for your SEO efforts. Find out whether the link profile is healthy or spammy. The backlink charts and anchor distribution will give you even more hints.

Spot the most popular content of your competitors. Site Profiler will point you in the right direction when looking for new blogging ideas or link building opportunities. Benchmark your website against the others on the market, find new competitors or opportunities for your marketing activities. It all depends on your use case!

So, you can use this tool for getting complete details of your competitor’s website. You will really like this tool.

Check this tool by yourself.

Reviews about this Mangools website:At a low price and with new functionality rolling out regularly, Mangools’ KWFinder is easy-to-use, and an inherently valuable tool to have in your SEO arsenal.


Mangools brings ease of use to a type of tools that are often mind-blowingly complicated. The supplementary features make it even more compelling.

There’s a lot to like about Mangools. It’s basically budget Ahrefs, but don’t let the “budget” tag fool you. It represents incredible value for money.

you can check more reviews by visiting their website. Some of the reviews are approved by SEO authorities. It shows that this website is trustworthy.

Mangools review
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Final Words:

In this article of Mangools review, I gave you the complete details of SEO tools provided by Mangools. You can check by yourself. These tools are available at affordable prices. Go and grab your tools. This article is just for telling you the benefits and features of tools.
You can check yourself by going to their websites. I hope you will like this article. For more reviews like this follow us. Thanks for reading this article.





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