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Social media marketing importance and explanation

Digital Marketing Importance

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Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing helps increase brand awareness and inbound traffic. It helps you drive conversions about your products and services when you tell your brand story. A brand story highlights the business mission and your target audience.

Building a good brand means building customer loyalty and retaining them as long term prospects to buy your products and services. Today, the biggest impact of social media is on SEO. If there is a good engagement, this encourages search engines, mainly Google, to better index your business keywords.

Social media marketing

Importance of social media marketing:

To better understand the benefits of social media marketing, let’s first look at some statistics related to Facebook and Facebook-owned businesses. The reason I want to talk about Facebook is that Facebook has more than 2.6 billion users. This number is predominantly higher than the number of cars on the roads, planes in the skies of the entire planet earth.

Instagram, a company owned by Facebook, has already gained massive popularity in recent years, especially among teens and brands. More than 1 billion users use Instagram every month. About 500 million people use Instagram Stories on a daily basis. Social media marketing on Instagram has huge benefits.

WhatsApp, also owned by Facebook, is people’s number one choice for instant messaging and video calling services. 2 billion users use WhatsApp and around 1.6 billion users use the application on a monthly basis, sending more than 65 billion messages a day.

The statistics above mean that if you get the right strategy by focusing on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp platforms, you can build a great future through social media marketing. Social media marketing doesn’t necessarily mean paid ads.

If you know how to harness the power of Facebook and its companies, use LinkedIn and YouTube, you have a great opportunity to promote your business organically. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using different platforms for social media marketing.

Social media marketing


As a business, you can acquire new customers using Facebook by creating a nice profile and creating a page. A good profile with great connections can help you achieve your goals faster, but this doesn’t happen overnight.

Facebook allows you to add up to 5, 000 friends and get unlimited followers on your Facebook profile. By creating a page from your profile, you can reach a large number of potential customers.

When you post something related to your business on your Facebook page. The next step is to share it on your profile timeline and ask your friends and followers to share the post on their walls. Success on Facebook mainly lies in creating profile connections with friends and followed and take advantage of that section to promote the content of your page.

Now, of course, the content needs to be shareable in the first place for your connections to share it on your timeline. A good call to action encourages connections to share your content on your timeline, which increases post engagement and followers.


Instagram is the new king of social media. About 8 months ago, he dethroned Facebook as the most preferred social media platform. It’s easier to grow your brand organically on Instagram. By using the power of hashtags that are popular and frequently sought after by people all over the world, your content gets a bit of exposure.

Also Instagram Stories, Direct DM are some of the best ways to raise awareness about your product and service.


LinkedIn is the best social media platform to market your business. It has by far the best reach compared to another platform. For B2B (business to business), LinkedIn marketing wins the race hands down.

LinkedIn is designed for networking. You can promote your brand by creating great content related to your industry and using hashtags to promote the content. On LinkedIn, you also get access to hiring managers and recruiters and use the platform as a research tool.

LinkedIn has an incredible job board for new opportunities and you can get social proof for your brand as your contacts can recommend and endorse you. As a brand, you can follow other companies and present yourself through a niche market.


The number one platform for videos. YouTube is owned by Google, one of the largest technology companies. YouTube has 2 billion users. By creating your channel on YouTube, you can upload videos within different playlists and earn income from your channel through Google Adsense.

Social media marketing

Tips for social media marketing:

1-Copywriting is critical to capturing a potential customer’s response.
2- Tell customers that you are busy or that the product you are selling is in limited stock.
3-Create scarcity by telling them the disadvantage of not buying your product.
4-This formula works like crazy to get more leads.


Social media is the best way to promote your business, and if you do it right, your chances of achieving maximum reach are simply doubled. All social media accounts require consistency and populating their timelines with regular branded content.



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