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Top 10 in demand skills for freelancers

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New freelancers are always concerned about the most in-demand freelance skills. In my blog posts, I have covered the Top 10 in-demand skills for freelancers posted by the world’s leading websites. The skills in demand based on the trend that has been followed in your market.

I am just listing the top 10 skills. The order is random.

1- Data Entry / Virtual Assistant

Regardless of all major technical skills, have data entry and Virtual Assistants Always Jobs. These skills do not require a four-year college degree and are in demand on all freelance websites.

2- Creative Writer

I have found that all freelance websites have a large influx of new content frequently on projects looking for content authors, Blogger.

Typically you need to look for an author who can write an SEO researched article with a typical word length between 500 and 2000. In posts like this, the client often specifically asks authors to do the keyword research so that the article is rated when published.

Similarly, there is a great demand for bloggers who frequently write for blogs.

Top 10 in demand skills for freelancers

3- Animation / Video Creation

All Major Social Media Websites Prefer video content to images and text. This has increased the demand for video creation and animation as they get better engagement. Even when advertised, they get better results.

YouTube has enjoyed great popularity in the recent past in demand for video creation and animation. Software like Fimora and Adobe Premier are very popular for video editing jobs.

4- Digital Marketing / Social Media Marketing

The demand for social media marketing and digital marketing services has increased in recent years due to an increase in the use of popular social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Linked In, and Pinterest will occupy a prominent place as in-demand skills in the future. Small businesses are looking for DM (digital marketing) and SMMA (social media marketing agency) experts to help them reach their potential customers and do business online.

Top 10 in demand skills for freelancers

5 – React Native / Angular JS / WordPress

Demand for react native, Angular JS, and WordPress can be seen in a good number of projects published on major independent websites like and idea to learn these skills and gather the courage to get a proposal on these projects

6- SEO

Everyone needs a website, but without traffic, the website is no good. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps rank a website better in major search engines, especially Google.

But there are tons of courses on the internet The one I like is on Udemy. You can master and practice this skill within 6 months to learn more. Note that this field is changing rapidly as the algorithm for SEO at Google is changing rapidly.

Top 10 in demand skills for freelancers

7- Mobile App Development

80% and more of the internet population uses smartphones to do their daily activities. This huge amount of traffic has increased the demand for mobile app developers in recent years. Instead of developing native apps for iOS and Android, customers are demanding hybrid mobile app developers that can create apps for iOS and Android.

8- Graphic Design

The computer needs graphics, so there is a demand for graphic designers too. Be it social media, a website, or a requirement for print media, great design projects are published in large numbers on all freelance marketplaces.

Even as more websites are built, the demand for UX / UI increases. It’s also increasing for mobile app user interface design.

Top 10 in demand skills for freelancers

9- Software Development

I don’t understand why software development is lacking as a top freelance skill. .

If I look at the projects published on Upwork and Guru, I see good demand for desktop software developers. Customers are still looking for quality software developers to build their desktop and cloud-based software/applications.

Top 10 in demand skills for freelancers

10- Website Development

Hold or Delete it, Yes – Website development was and is the most sought-after freelance skill.

With the boom in internet access, small businesses are popping up in large numbers to develop their websites.

Website developers, Regardless of the platform they are building the websites on, demand is on the go across all freelance marketplaces.




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