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5 upwork tips to get more projects

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Are you struggling to get jobs on Upwork?  You can’t just create a profile with low effort and assume that you’re going to win jobs over other freelancers.

So, burn away your self-doubt and discouragement by implementing these five tips that will give you the best possible chance to capture the client’s attention with your profile. If you enjoy my Upwork and freelancing content, then please share this article and consider subscribing to the blog as well, so you won’t miss out on my future Upwork and freelancing content. So, here are 5 tips for your guidance.

#1- Use a high-quality professional-looking photo:

It’s immensely important to have a friendly, welcoming, and professional, high-quality photo of yourself. When Upwork clients are looking through numerous job proposals, they’re trying to find someone who’s going to be able to deliver and execute on their project, your photo is one of the first things that they’re going to come in contact with when they go to your profile.

So when you’re choosing your profile photo, make sure your face is clearly visible and also make sure that it’s high resolution as well. Both of these things are actually going to be recommended to you in the tooltip that Upwork provides when you’re uploading.

You want to portray yourself as a professional. You’re going to be engaging with a client, getting them to pay you for your services to deliver for them, and provide value to their company. You definitely want to make sure that your profile photo looks professional.

Upwork also has another tooltip when you’re uploading that says, freelancers with a professional portrait of themselves are hired five times more often than those without one. I think it’s obvious that having a high quality, high resolution, professional and friendly photo of yourself, for your profile photo plays a huge role, in whether you’re going to be shortlisted, and win jobs over other freelancers or not.

#2- Capture attention with your title:

Another critical first impression is your title. Your goal with your title should be to grab the prospective client’s attention, causing them to take action.

What action? The action that makes them realize that you’re someone who can fulfill their project and complete their job. Be simple but also specific. Make your title describe the type of jobs that you’re looking for. The more specific and precise you can be in your title, the more likely you are to grab the client’s attention, that’s looking for that specific skill to have a feel for their project, they’re gonna be looking for the right freelancer.

So, if you can be specific in your title, you’re gonna be able to grab their attention, because it’s going to directly align with what they’re looking for from your skillset. The more ways that you can find to put yourself in the perspective of the client, the more ways that you can find to make yourself more attractive to them. You can come up with really creative ways to organize your title and make it stand out.

Now that Upwork is offering these specialized profiles, I just need to take the time, put it in to make a specialized profile. So if you have more than one skill, you don’t have to split it out, just go ahead and make a specialized profile for it.

#3- Write a customer-focused overview:

Your profile overview is very important. Your profile overview should focus on how you can help clients achieve their goals and make their lives better as well. The more problems or issues that you can resolve for clients, the more jobs that you’re going to get.

The client plays a very important role in your success, and you need to put yourself in the perspective of the client and think about what they would want to see in your profile overview when they visit your profile. Be unique, be creative, and focus on standing out to clients. Here’s an Upwork pro tip for you.

So please don’t use something like, Hi, my name is _______. Now I don’t recommend that you go find a successful freelancer in your specific job category and copy their overview.

But what I do recommend is that you take a look at successful freelancer’s job overviews, take a look at how it’s formatted, take a look at how it’s constructed. Think about different ways that you can be creative, and make your own profile stand out as well.

Be creative and write your job overviews first one to three sentences in a way to make yourself more attractive to clients and cause them to take action. Also, you have to proofread your job overview as well to check it for grammatical errors. It’s so crucial to make sure that your job overview is free from errors.

#4- How to get client attention with your portfolio:

The portfolio section is very important. It’s so important, and I focused on it because it shows true examples of your work. You should add any previous examples of work that you’ve done in the past for projects, put those in your portfolio section, specifically ones that tie into your skills, and also the types of jobs you’re bidding on. You’re going to want to display those in your portfolio section.

Think about something you can add to your portfolio. Think about a past project you’ve done, maybe for yourself, maybe in university, maybe for a different client outside of Upwork. Think about some type of project that you can add to your portfolio section, that’s going to display your skills, and ultimately to give the Upwork client, the confidence they need in you, that and you can complete it successfully.

#5- Upwork Client reviews:

How important are client reviews on Upwork? When an Upwork client is considering you for their job, and they check your Upwork profile, your client reviews are going to be very helpful for getting a job, and they’re gonna be one of the first things looked at as well. Trust me, it matters what Upwork clients are saying about you. It really matters.

Clients want to know that you can deliver quality work. They’re investing money in you, so it’s important that you can deliver and complete their project. The absolute best way on Upwork to showcase your abilities, to showcase that you can complete projects successfully, and your overall skills, is client reviews.

Let’s take an example. When you go to Amazon or any other platform, you started looking for a product, do you take a look at the reviews? Of course, you do. Everyone does, you start looking at the reviews, seeing what people are actually saying about the product, seeing if it’s something that’s worth buying.

Now think about your Upwork profile in the exact same way. An Upwork client goes to your profile, they start going through your reviews. They’re trying to figure out if you’re a good product if you’re worth the investment, and their money. You need to make sure you’re getting good reviews.

When the client reviews your profile, they’re looking for reasons why they should hire you, why they should hire you over all the other freelancers that bid on their project. Your profile needs to convey that. It needs to convey why you are the best option, why they should hire you over everyone else that bids on their project.

It’s up to you to give them the reasons to showcase it on your profile and lead them, ultimately, to making the decision to invest in you and to hire you as their freelancer. So focus on the tips I’m giving you. Don’t just skim through them, implement a couple, leave a bunch off, and expect to start getting jobs, and having an attractive profile.

Final thoughts:

Make sure you’re implementing them. Make sure that you’re putting the effort, and ultimately standing out to clients to make them want to hire you. Don’t lose hope when you try to get a job.

Anything in life takes time and takes immense effort to get there. Also, please be sure to keep leaving comments with your success stories. I love hearing about those. Thank you for reading. If you are a beginner you can also check other content related to freelancing.



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