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WhatsApp Finds A Solution to Protect User’s Privacy and won’t limit functionality

WhatsApp privacy policy

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WhatsApp privacy policy update

Earlier this month, Facebook-owned WhatsApp stated that if users did not accept its new privacy policy by May 15th, they will lose their functionality over time. Facebook now indicates in reversals that the strategy has changed, and users who do not agree to the current policies do not really experience reduced features (via TNW).

“We want to make it quite clear that we will not confine ourselves to the way WhatsApp operates to people who have yet to receive the upgrade as a result of recent conversations with various bodies and privacy experts,” a WhatsApp spokesman told The Verge in a statement. WhatsApp said that the plan is progressing indefinitely to The Verge.

WhatsApp emphasizes in an update to the company’s FAQ website that users are not terminated or lose their own accounts if the new regulations are refused. In that respect, WhatsApp will still issue these calls to update “once in a while,” he told the Verge. WhatsApp. On the WhatsApp support website, most users that saw the update accepted the upgrade.

The deadline was originally set for February, but WhatsApp put it out to 15 May after legislation, consumer rights defenders, and its own users, among other criticisms, were fired on it. The difficulty with handling WhatsApp’s personal information is how this amended policy allows WhatsApp to begin bugging that information to its parent firm, Facebook. (Indeed, since its privacy policy modification in 2016, WhatsApp already had this with phone numbers as the Verge highlights.) The failed deployment and frightful ultimatums of WhatsApp further stoke the uproar.

On the FAQ page, the firm seeks to disregard these privacy worries by stressing that the new policy mainly concerns corporate messages and Facebook does not have access to the location data or message logs of individuals. WhatsApp head Will Cathcart has also written a more detailed Twitter thread.

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