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which freelancing site is best for beginners

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The question of every beginner freelancer, which freelancing site is best for beginners. If you are a beginner in the freelancing field then first of all let me tell you some important things that every beginner freelancer should know.

As a beginner freelancer, you should know that in the freelancing world skill matters a lot. If you don’t have any skills then you can’t get success in the freelancing world. First of all, you should learn a skill. This article is not about freelancing skills. If you want to know about the top 10 in-demand skills forfreelancers then you should read my other article.

Now, you have a skill and want to sell your services on a freelancing site. But you don’t know which freelancing site would be best for you as a beginner.

Best freelancing site for beginners

There are many popular sites in the market and everyone prefers those sites for starting a freelance career. But you should understand one thing, starting your career on such sites is a little difficult because there are already many freelancers on those sites.

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t start your career on those sites. So, which freelancing site is best for you as a beginner. Basically, it depends on your skillset. No one can say about one website which is best for all kinds of freelancers.

Here are some tips for choosing the best freelancing site as a beginner;

– Try to find such a site which is in your niche and has fewer freelancers. Because there are a lot of chances for getting your first job.
– Don’t choose that site that has already many freelancers because you will face a lot of competition and you will be in the war of bidding on projects with high-level freelancers.
– Don’t try to make accounts on too many freelancing sites. Think about it, how is it possible for you to focus on all the freelancing sites?
– Make an account on 1-2 freelancing sites which are related to your niche.

Don’t depend on freelancing sites always

You should not depend on freelancing sites always. Because these sites are just a platform for selling your services but think if your account gets ban then what should you do? Of course, you will have to start your freelancing career again from zero.

So, I recommend you to get clients from these platforms and convert that clients into your regular clients outside the freelancing sites.

The other reason for not depending on these sites is that these sites can increase their commission rates. For example: If a site gets 20% of your total earning then it is possible that these commissions rate will increase in the future.

You can also find your clients on different social media platforms. Don’t think that you are a beginner and it is difficult for you to get clients. Go and explore new freelancing sites related to your niche.


So, if you are a beginner, there are many freelancing sites related to your niche. You only have to discover those sites. When you start exploring things then you will know about which freelancing site is best for beginners.



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