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Blogging for making money

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You are a student and don’t know what is blogging. Don’t worry you will get a lot of information about blogging in this article. Maybe you know about blogging but don’t know why blogging is important for students.

I will discuss both topics about what actually blogging is and why blogging is important for students. First of all, let’s talk about what is blogging.

Blogging explanation

In simple words, if you write your own articles and publish them on your website or maybe on someone else website, then you can say you are doing blogging. You are reading this article, right! So, you can say I am doing blogging. That’s why I am a blogger.

You should also know the difference between blogging and vlogging. Vlogging is in the form of video and blogging is in the form of text. That’s it. Don’t go in-depth to know about blogging. Now, you know what actually blogging is.

why blogging is important for students

Now, I am going to tell you the importance of blogging in the life of a student. If you are a student then you should know how blogging can change your student life.

I will give some reasons for choosing blogging in student life.

Part time work

Many students want to do some part-time work along with their studies. So, I think you should start blogging as part-time work. But wait…

You should know some things before considering blogging as part-time work.

– Blogging is long term work and you will not be able to make money from blogging for at least 4-5 months.

– You can do blogging along with studies and a part-time job. Yes, you can do blogging if you are studying and already doing a part-time job. Because in blogging you only have to research and write articles.

– In the beginning, you will find it difficult. But once you keep doing your work, you will find it easy.

Make money

Yes, you can earn money with blogging. If you think that blogging needs investment. So, you are right but it is not necessary. You can also start your blogging career with BlogSpot which is free to use. Yes, you can also make money with BlogSpot but you should follow the rules for getting AdSense approval.

I think if you are a student and want to earn money from blogging then you should properly learn how you can do blogging on BlogSpot.

Extra source of passive income

Believe me, blogging takes time to give you revenue. But it is a complete source of passive income. I recommend, if you are studying and doing a part-time job, then you should also start blogging.

If you think blogging needs professionalism then you are probably wrong. No doubt if you are not professional in blogging you cannot make a lot of money from blogging. But if you know the basics of blogging then you can generate passive income from blogging.


Students can also do blogging. But I recommend you to learn blogging properly. This will help you to earn money easily from blogging. Now, You understand why blogging is important for students. It means you can also do blogging. Why are you waiting? Go and explore blogging. You can also check my other articles on blogging in the category of blogging.



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